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3.19.27(2) - 2019/2020 Project

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Event History

This will be 3.19.27(2)’s inaugural year.

What Makes this event different?

3.19.27(2) is a not-for-profit organization looking for artists who are victims of censorship/artists from non-democratic countries. We focus on artists from countries where free speech is heavily controlled. Free speech is not a privilege, it’s a right. 3.19.27(2) wants to help you show the world the truth.

Copyright Policy

All artists retain all copyright to all submitted works.

3.19.27(2) is looking for Visual Artists for the 2019/2020 Project. The aim of the project is to present selected artists or groups of artists, from maginalized societies, and artists unable to show their work in 5er respective countries, by exhibiting their works at major International Art Fairs in North America, and Europe.


Artists are required to submit a digital portfolio for review. This portfolio must include 10 to 15 pieces of original artwork displaying coherent use of technique, and individual artistry. The works in the portfolio will not be used in the selection process.

Art Categories & Selection

Painting, Drawing, Collage, Fine-Art Photography, Sound Art, Video Art, Multimedia Art, Digital Art, and Fibre Art. High resolution images must be submitt d in digital format, and uploaded with your application. All images must be labeled with the name of artist(s), title, and year. Artists, or groups of artists, can submit up to  artworks from any category. Curators will select 1 to 4 artworks per submission to exhibit.

Copies of works, works by a deceased artist, or works that are in breach or any other provisions of the terms and conditions of the featured exhibition will not be taken into consideration.

If you have any questions about the selection process, please send an email, or visit the website.


Artists & Photographers

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