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34 Memorial Maria Luisa International Nature Photo and Video Contest

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Event History

Year after year photographers from all over the world take part in this contest. More than 100 different countries have participated. With the passing of the years the contest has become a meeting place not only for widely recognized international photographers, but also for undiscovered talent and new photographers.

What Makes this event different?

Nature, wildlife, mountain, mountaineering, climbing, landscape, underwater world, biodiversity, flora, extreme and adventure sports, etc. will all be the reference of the edition of this contest for another year. This includes not only photography categories but also a section dedicated to videos, films and documentaries as well. On this occasion, there will also be a thematic category dedicated exclusively to photographs and videos taken at night.

Copyright Policy

The authors of the photographs will retain all legal rights to the same for any future use.

Image Usage Rights

The Organization reserves the right to make copies of all award-winning photographs as may be required for exhibitions, projections or publications related exclusively to the activities of the present competition, without limits in time, geographic location or mediums, and always crediting the authorship of said photographs.


Ha comenzado una nueva edición del Memorial María Luisa, el gran clásico de los concursos de su género y lo hacemos con el mismo propósito inicial de intentar encontrar imágenes nuevas, innovadoras y sugerentes que nos permitan continuar con la promoción del quehacer artístico. del trabajo de los concursantes, al mismo tiempo que con la difusión del entorno natural y su necesaria protección.

Con las bases, instrucciones y consejos proporcionados podrás preparar fácilmente tus fotografías y/o vídeos para competir en un concurso que carece de finalidad comercial alguna, y en el que, como es habitual, sólo tú y tu trabajo seréis los verdaderos protagonistas.

Esperamos la participación de los mejores fotógrafos de montaña, naturaleza y aventura, sin límites geográficos. Además de importantes premios, ofrecemos reconocimiento internacional, exhibición de las obras en una extraordinaria exposición al aire libre y participación en la gran gala de premios.

Un año más, mucha suerte a todos y buena luz.


➢    The Overall Winner of the "XXXIV Memorial Maria Luisa" will be awarded a cash prize of €3.000 , a Trophy, a Diploma, a book portfolio and two invitations to the awards gala. The Overall Winner will be chosen from the fourteen category winners; the Jury will give the Prize to the most memorable & shocking caption. The overall winner will receive a cash prize €3.000, including the amount corresponding to his/her category. 

➢    Winner Prize of each Category of photos: € 300, Trophy, Diploma, a book portfolio and two invitations to the awards gala.

➢    Young Photographers Prize: It will be awarded to the best photograph submitted by contestants not having reached the age of nineteen years on 1stDecember 2023. It will consist of a Samsung 4G tablet, trophy, diploma, book portfolio and two invitations to the awards gala.

➢    Special award for the theme of the year: it will be a Citizen BN0151 Watch, trophy, diploma, a book portfolio and two invitations to the awards gala.

➢    Award for best video, film, documentary of 34 MML. This prize will be endowed with a voucher worth €3000 , which can be exchanged, directly and at the request of the winner, for products marketed by Foto Ruano, trophy, diploma, book portfolio and two invitations to the awards gala.

The Judges Panel will also grant the consolation prizes or honorable mentions as it deems pertinent in each of the thematic categories.

For more information please visit the Event Website.


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