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Open call for an artist to explore research in microbiology

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Event History

Curatorial brief Space has inspired societies, art, and science alike. Visions of space and space travel inspire such creative work to envision societies that live in space, cope with the extreme environments in space travel or in potential habitats in outer space. Art, design, architecture, technology development, science, and cultural engagement meet to lead a critical discourse and propose specific approaches. Tests of equipment and technologies developed for space often happen in harsh places on Earth in analogue missions that might resemble places on far away celestial bodies. At the same time, in the wake of climate change and ecological environments challenged by human activity, scientific and technological developments aim at circular production and creating efficient self-sustaining systems that help to ease pressure on the environment and cope with harsh conditions in a changing world.

What Makes this event different?

Merge art and science! The three scientific groups who will host the artist, are working together on several research projects in complementary fields. The joint interest of the three groups encompasses microbial metabolism, natural and synthetic pathways that allow microbes to metabolize CO2 and waste materials into raw materials or products such as nitrates for fertilizers, microbial proteins as food source, or organic acids as source for bioplastics. A strong focus in the research is on yeasts as agents for transformation to deal with waste and by-products such as CO2 to enable circular economy for industrial production and to reduce the pressure of such waste materials on the ecosphere.

In this first ARTcib SciArt Residency we invite an artist to explore the research at three research groups in microbiology, focusing on the role of yeasts as transformative agents, the potential of self-sustaining systems concerning carbon and nutrient cycles, and computational modeling of organisms and such settings in the context of an ongoing artistic discourse with respect to space art.

The residency will take place in Vienna with a minimum of 8 weeks on-site with the scientists at three different universities. The on-site residency period will take place between summer 2024 and early spring 2025 and can be divided into several shorter visits. Additionally, the residency will be supported in a hybrid format with online sessions between the on-site visits. The residency start will take place on-site.

The first phase of the residency will be dedicated to artistic research, exploration, and artscience collaboration, including potential hands-on work in the laboratories, a joint artistic experiment, and dedicated work with the scientific partners working on computational models. The second phase of the residency will focus on the definition of an original, leading-edge artwork and its production. In summer 2025, the artwork will be exhibited as part of a highly visible, international group show.


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