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Open Call for Berlin-based Artists, Home: A Journey to Identity and Belonging

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We are thrilled to announce an opportunity for Berlin-based artists to participate in a transformative art exhibition, “Home: A Journey of Identity and Belonging.” This unique showcase delves into the rich tapestry of human connection, cultural roots, and the profound sense of belonging that defines our understanding of home. Through an eclectic array of visual artworks, installations, and immersive experiences, this exhibition aims to ignite a thought-provoking exploration of the intricate threads that weave our identity and relationship with our surroundings.

“Home: A Journey of Identity and Belonging” invites artists from all walks of life to contribute to a curated collection that captures the diverse facets of the concept of home. The exhibition transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, encouraging artists to delve into personal histories, ancestral heritage, and the universal search for a place of belonging.

Themes and Sub-themes:

1. Roots and Heritage: Artists will explore how cultural heritage and ancestral ties influence one’s sense of home. This theme encourages artists to delve into the traditions, rituals, and stories that connect individuals to their roots.

2. Domestic Spaces: This sub-theme examines the intimate spaces we inhabit daily. Artists will depict personal environments, such as bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, exploring how these spaces shape our emotions and memories.

3. Migration and Displacement: Artists will delve into the experiences of those uprooted from their original homes, highlighting stories of migration, refuge, and adaptation to new surroundings.

4. Nostalgia and Memory: This sub-theme will focus on the emotional resonance of memories associated with home, inviting artists to explore the bittersweet nature of nostalgia and the imprint it leaves on our identities.

5. Community and Belonging: Artists will investigate how communities contribute to one’s sense of home. This sub-theme will emphasize the bonds and connections that form between people, transcending geographical locations.

6. Reimagining Spaces: This section will challenge traditional notions of home and invite artists to envision alternative concepts of living spaces. Through innovative and imaginative artworks, this section will encourage visitors to consider the evolving nature of home in an ever-changing world.


There is no fee for submission. However, this is not a grant-funded exhibition. Artists share the cost of presenting the show with a participation fee of 45€ (regardless of the number of artworks they will showcase). The reason for that is that we need your support to continue our projects, and in return, you will be part of the marketing campaign as well, as we will offer an art consulting session.


  • HD photos of 3-5 artworks of yours
  • Bio (3rd person, max 120 words)
  • Artwork (title, size, medium, year and price)
  • Project description
  • Link to your social media and/or Website.

Your application

We welcome submissions from artists from all disciplines. Simply send us an email with your work and briefly explain who you are, some details about your work, and why we should be one of our participants.

How to apply

Fill out the Artist Submission call by clicking the link bellow!



Contact Person: Georgina Koutifari-Magklara

Email: chromartgallery@gmail.com


April 28, 2024


The team will review all applications, and the selected work will be announced on the 30th of April 2024.


Artists & Photographers

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