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PIX and the CITY

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Call for Entries for Photographers

Cities can be both beautiful and unsightly. Urban landscapes, with tall office buildings, subway tracks, and even shoe stores, all add to both the romance and horror of a city's lore.

For this ONLINE Photography group exhibition, we invite artists to submit photographic images that celebrate the cities of the world.

This exhibition is in partnership with the CONTACT Photography Festival. 

We will accept work from any year, and any size you are willing to ship to a potential buyer.

Based in TORONTO, Canada, Part Crowd Art Gallery is ONLINE ONLY, so no need to ship your work(s) to us.

For 2D works please crop the picture to be of the ARTWORK ONLY. DO NOT include anything in the background, including, but not limited to: a frame or matte, the easel, or a wall.

For 3D works make sure the artwork is very well-lit, cropped to be in the center, and against an ALL WHITE BACKGROUND. We strongly recommend the use of a photo editing app to properly achieve this. DO NOT send pics with gray or off-white backgrounds or shadows cast (unless they are part of the installation, but be certain it is still properly lit overall). We strongly recommend the use of a photo editing app to achieve the aesthetic that looks the most professional.

For more information about this call for entries for photographers, please visit the Event Website.


Artists & Photographers

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