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Under The Bridge - The Mediums Series - Painting

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Under The Bridge is a portable exhibition providing for a finely curated art-viewing experience within the context of a print magazine. Created for the express purpose of viewing art, each issue of Under The Bridge is an eclectic arrangement of work from a variety of artists focused on a central theme. Dedicated to fostering artistic community and opportunity, every artist who submits to an open call will receive a digital copy of the issue regardless of if they are featured or not.


Under The Bridge is now accepting submissions for the inaugural issue in "The Mediums" series: Painting.

"The Mediums" is a series of Under The Bridge issues each focusing on one art medium. This 11 issue series will feature: Painting, Photography, Sound, Installation, Printmaking, Performance, Text-Based Art, Fiber, Sculpture, Video, and Drawing.

The Painting issue is currently accepting submissions.

Eligibility: Every artist or collective who creates paintings is eligible to submit. Please note, "painting" is a loose definition; open interpretation of the term is encouraged.

How to Apply: Simply follow this link to a Google Form that will guide you through the application process.

Deadline: The deadline to submit for the Painting issue is December 31st, 2019.


- there is a small $5 submission fee to account for processing and development of the zine

- every artist who submits will receive a digital version of the issue regardless of if they were featured

- submissions will be turned away resolutely for failure to follow all submission guidelines. Accurate and detailed information, as well as high quality documentation are essential for inclusion in the publication

- if there are remaining questions or concerns, email and your question will be answered when able


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