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What Makes this event different?

The Expò will be complemented by a additional programs including special projects and performances that will be taking place inside Palazzo Vernazza Castromediano in Lecce. VISIONARY ART SHOW is a project by Dores Sacquegna and Primo Piano Special Projects. The event is realized in collaboration with the prestigious Institution of Lecce’s Municipality.

ART CALL for THE VISIONARY ART SHOW ITALY May 12th - May 30th 2017

Rooms of photography, painting, installation, sculpture, video, and sound art.

The Palazzo Castromediano Vernazza in Lecce (Italy) will be the setting of VISIONARY ART SHOW.  The Expo's main goal is to be an important juried Art Exhibition that provides an exciting and fun platform for people to enhance their knowledge, gain access to, and fall in love with and buy art. The Expo attracts and appeals to both art buyers and new collectors. This is an an exclusive exhibition-event, taking place outside the usual contemporary art contexts. One of the aims of the event is to promote an authentic dialogue between artists, the audience and art professionals. Each room of the Palazzo Vernazza Castromediano will bring the works of two or more artists, some of them expressly realized for the building’s suggestive premises.

Along with the huge array of Contemporary Art the event will showcase special features including: domestic and national musicians, a live performance, seminars with researchers, scholars and archeologists, critics, artists, and collectors.

For this event we intend to explore the ideals, values, and the thought mechanisms that push artistic dreamers to break the mold and follow their aspirations and talents.

To learn more about the opportunity and how to submit your work for consideration please visit the Event Website.



Artists & Photographers

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