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2023 The Sixth NTD International Figure Painting Competition

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Event History

First edition: 2008 Second edition: 2009 Third edition: 2011 Fourth edition: 2014 Fifth edition: 2019 Sixth edition: 2023 In the NIFPC of 2019, 258 artists from 46 countries made over 400 submissions, and 103 works were selected for exhibition at the Salmagundi Club in New York.

What Makes this event different?

The objective of NIFPC is to help artists retrieve traditional artistic values with true compassion and gracefulness. Meanwhile, it would create a perfect platform for artists to showcase their talents and exchange understandings of traditional arts, thereby achieving artistic sublimation. Realism artists worldwide are invited to submit works that convey traditional values, and positive ideals such as beauty, compassion, and righteousness. The competition is open to all professional realism artists, as well as fine art teachers and students, regardless of nationality.

Copyright Policy

Copyrights 1) Contestants are entitled to the copyrights and other related rights of their submitted works, and their registrations to the 2023 NTD International Figure Painting Competition serves as the legal grounds. The Organizing Committee is not liable for any legal responsibilities due to any artists’ intentional or unintentional negligence. 2) The Organizing Committee has the right to reproduce the finalists’ works. If works are reproduced in pursuant to related contracts, contestants are entitled to royalty from those copyrights.

Key Dates:

Application deadline:  January 15, 2023

Finalists announced:  January 31, 2023

Finalists to submit original work(s):  March 1, 2023

Finalist Exhibition & Award Ceremony:  June 2023 (New York, USA)

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Eternal Value of Classical Works

Throughout the history of art, traditional oil paintings that sustained the test of time advocate objective, realistic skills and the inner meanings of pure good and pure beauty. The value of such artworks does not diminish, and their influence transcends both cultural and geographic boundaries. They extol the magnificence of the divine, praise human’s noble values, and touch people’s hearts powerfully and deeply. The classic works passed down to us capture our forefather’s wisdom, intelligence, and painstaking effort as well as the lasting value of truthfulness, compassion, and beauty. Humankind has for centuries been inspired and uplifted by these masterpieces. Especially in current days of much uncertainty, such inspiration and visual legacies are more embraced by modern people.

Moral and Spiritual Connotation

Good realistic artworks not only objectively depict nature, but also pursue the perfection of both tangible and intangible elements, which include the shapes, forms, and most importantly spiritual values. As Nicholas Poussin, a 17th-century French painter emphasized, “A painting must incorporate the highest moral connotation, which is illustrated through the structure that can convey the cognitive contents.”

Social Responsibility of Realistic Artists

Although the fine arts influence human society subtly, its impact is deep and profound. The works of the oil painting artists direct the aesthetic values and moral standards of mankind. Only by continuously improving their own integrity and inner beauty, can the artists create masterpieces that will uplift the spirit of their viewers, and accordingly make a positive impact on society.

Bright Future

The world is at a crossroads, and the artists are naturally empowered with their gifted talents to choose the direction and take the lead in society. The NIFPC looks forward to working with artists around the world, to restore the traditional and upright moral values, and create purely truthful, compassionate, and beautiful artworks that will inspire generations for many years to come.

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