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A Face To Call My Own

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Masks and their various functions have been used throughout human history, and charting their influence and use may be better left in the hands of historical anthropologists. However, their meaning, significance, and continued use in our societies to this day are often emotionally charged, symbolic in their nature, or practical to an extreme; they illicit immediate responses and, in some cases, have developed into their own iconography with as many faces as their various depictions. From the theatre masks of Thalia and Melpomene to the surgical-grade masks of a world-wide pandemic, masks reveal just as much as they conceal. In our fourth call for submissions, we will explore the personal, social, and cultural significance of masks and masking in a variety of forms.

Functional masking:

  • Safety & protection
  • Warmth
  • Virtual reality
  • Concealment of identity
  • Role playing

​Psychological masking:

  • Social acceptance
  • Concealment of physical or psychological struggles
  • Societal pressures and conformity

Sacred masking:

  • Ceremonial masks
  • Use in festivals
  • Religious significance

Cosmetic masking:

  • Makeup and the beauty industry
  • Makeup artistry for the arts
  • Elective surgery and the alteration of natural faces

Artistic masking:

  • Emotional expression
  • Theatre
  • Role playing

To submit your work for consideration in this fourth collection, we require a digital copy of the work as well as an artist’s statement be sent to info@coexcollaborative.com. The artist’s statement must briefly describe the relationship between the submission and the topic selected for this collection and should be included in the email as an attached document (.docx or .pdf). We invite contributions from all artists, but once a submission period closes, a selection of submissions will be made by a panel of cross-disciplinary artists. The chosen pieces will be featured in Co-Ex’s online art gallery.
Collaboration is strongly encouraged but not at all required. Work from all creative mediums is welcome: sculpture, painting, drawing, performative arts, music, written work, textile arts, ceramics, mixed media, prints, digital art, short films, and most anything else you can imagine.


Artists & Photographers

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