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Art For Real ll | Open Call

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Open Call for Entries for Visual Artists

The world is always changing, and everything has now become more virtual including art. In the process of this change a lot of speculators are trying to twist things in their own interest as in the case of NFT. 

The crypto speculators are trying to make this the new “COOL” but what is so cool about it? 

Art is food for our souls, If speculators want this to be the new truth then they should start doing everything virtually like eating virtual food or maybe getting drunk with virtual alcohol. If they can do this then by all means we will start to believe in their vision. 

As for us, galleries, artists, collectors we should we let hundreds of years of artistic refinement in the hands of the crypto speculators that don’t even know the difference between renaissance and contemporary? 

What about the painters, photographers, print makers, sculptors, performers and all the other artists who create real work, work that we can touch, smell, feel… should we give up on them for the sake of a speculative game? 

No thanks!!! 

NFT should be embraced as a new medium/tool like we always did along the way with a lot of other things but it shouldn’t be allowed to take over! 

If it does take over then an entire generation of artists and their works will vanish in thin air making way for the crypto speculators and their pyramid. 

Should we allow this to happen on our watch?

The aim of this exhibition is to promote real art made by real artists! 

This Exhibition Will Take Place At Our Space In Tower Bridge Area, London. 

The space is located in one of most iconic places in the world and the most visited place in the whole UK. 

The space is nestled between modern and classic London icons: The Shard 4 minutes, Tower Bridge 1 minute, London Bridge 2 minutes. 

With a blend of traditional Victorian brick walls and a central private bar just for our audience, our gallery space is unique in the whole city of London. 

There are no subject restrictions just a couple of guidelines. 

Submission Guidelines- Please read carefully.

To apply simply email us 3 images of your work (3 different works) Title_ Size_ Medium_ Price and a short bio, no more than 150 words at 


Eligible media but not limited: 

painting | sculpture | photography | Installation | prints | textile | illustrations | digital art in printed format | etc. 


NO NFT’s! 

To make a submission is absolutely free but we do charge a £165 fee for each  participating artist as we only charge 15% sales commission and that includes:  printed catalogs | printed posters | printed brochures | admin | graphic designer | champagne | caviar | professional photographer | hostess | security | bartender | printing and framing for the artists who opt for that. 


Important dates: 

- the open call will run until 02 July 2022. 

- artworks delivery date is 07 July 2022. 

- the exhibition will run from 08 July until 

13 July with a private view on 08 July - 6:00 to 9:00 pm at our gallery space in Tower Bridge Area, London. 



We have a lot of enquires from foreign artists to exhibit with us but sometimes shipping the work to London in time might be a bit difficult, that’s why we’ve come up with an alternative! If you are one of the accepted artists and you find it hard to ship your work to us then you can send us high resolution photos of your work and we can print them and frame them for you at no additional cost. 


We have 3 available sizes for the frame: 

  1. 32/32 cm
  2. 30/40 cm 
  3. 40/50 cm 


Event: This will be a physical event and it will take place in our new gallery space in Tower Bridge- London. 

Beverage: Champagne, Cocktails and Beluga caviar. 



As we run multiple open calls, please make sure you include in the email line the open call you apply for. 

Good luck to you all!

For more information about this open call for entries for artists please visit the Event Website


Artists & Photographers

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