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Event History

ARTBOX.PROJECT event history: 2016: ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 1.0 (Art Basel Art Weeks, Miami) 2017: ARTBOX.PROJECT Basel 1.0 (Art Basel Art Weeks, Basel) 2018: ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 1.0 (Armory Art weeks, New York) 2019: ARTBOX.PROJECT Zürich 1.0 (SWISSARTEXPO, Zürich)

What Makes this event different?

Every registered artwork will be shown, even if you are not chosen as a finalist that gets so show his/her original artworks. All artworks will be shown digitally on our big 2x2 meter LED screen. We do this because it is our goal to support up and coming artists and because we think that every artworks deserves to be seen.

Copyright Policy

The artists / photographer maintains the copyright ownership

Image Usage Rights

Submitted images will be shown digitally during the exhibition time and may also be published on our social media channels and websites.

THE ARTBOX.PROJECTS is an art project that travels around the world with the aim of promoting young artists from all over the world and providing them with a platform where they can present themselves to the public. At every art hotspot where THE ARTBOX.PROJECTS stops, young artists from all over the world have the opportunity to participate in the art project.


Our project will take place for the fifth time during the Art Basel Art Week in Miami from 2nd - 8th December 2019! The art project will be held in the world's most well-known art district Wynwood, Miami. In Wynwood, many great artists have already shown their works of art and some have even immortalized them on the world-famous Wynwood Walls. The ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 2.0 will take place in a renowned art gallery directly at the main street of Wynwood, where a great number of art enthusiast people walk along every day. 


In the ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 2.0, the jury will select 100 semi-finalists to receive a special presentation on separate screens and 10 finalists who will be allowed to exhibit their original artworks on site during the Miami Art Weeks in our gallery. The registered artworks, which are not selected as finalists, will be shown digitally on our 2x2 meter LED screen during the entire exhibition period. You will also receive a certificate of participation and professional photos of your artworks on the screen. 



Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to vote for the artwork of their favorite among the finalists and semi-finalists. The winner chosen by the visitors with the most votes will receive a cooperation contract with THE ARTBOX.GALLERY Switzerland in Zurich.


Artists & Photographers

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