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Call for Artists, SculptFest22

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Call for Entries for Sculptors

Games are usually a means to play, a form of recreation, and for enjoyment. Games are often social activities, a way to make new friends and spend time with old ones. Games can provoke competition, pitting teams or individuals against one another. Some games involve varying degrees of chance, real or metaphorical rolls of the dice, and some games are entirely skill-based, testing creative and mathematical thinking, such as chess. Other games are entirely mental, and still others are highly physical. The Olympic Games are an opportunity for athletes to prove themselves at the highest level, and those who are masters at any game can parlay those achievements to real world success.

But by definition, aren’t games somewhat trivial? Does prowess in a video game have benefits in the reality we live in? Is gambling a game? How about the stock market? How do some games act as a microcosm for larger society, for the chutes and ladders of our daily lives? If life is a game, who is making the rules, who plays by them and who cheats?

Artists are invited to use the grounds of the Carving Studio & Sculpture Center as their arena to respond to the theme of ‘games’ in any variety of concepts or approaches.

We invite sculptors, installation artists, sound artists, video artists, web-based artists, performance based visual artists, multimedia, and other artists to submit work to this call. Please visit the Event Website or click to Apply to learn more.


Artists & Photographers

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