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Capture an Italian Moment Photo Contest

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Event History

In 2007 Accenti launched the “Capture an Italian Moment” Photo Contest, originally offering a $1000 top prize and publication. Second and third place winners received $250 and $100 respectively. The photo contest built on the popularity of the Accenti Writing Contest, which was launched in 2005 and invited submissions for original and unpublished prose texts (short stories, nonfiction, creative nonfiction). As of 2018, the photo contest, like the writing contest, offers a $1000 top prize and three runner-up prizes of $100. These two very popular initiatives together generate hundreds of entries each year, attracting many established professionals as well as emerging artists whose exposure through Accenti has helped them build on their artistic profile. Since their inception, the Accenti contests have awarded over $25,000 in prizes to worthy writers and photographers. The Accenti contests were suspended in 2015, but were resumed in 2018.

The Contest seeks candidates who believe they have captured a significant Italian moment. To enter, applicants must fill out an entry form. All entrants are granted a vote in the Popular Vote category from among the finalists. Details available at https://accenti.ca/photo-contest/enter/

at https://accenti.ca/photo-contest/rules/

This competition is open to photographers worldwide – professionals, amateurs, and students. Multiple entries welcome.

Submissions must “capture an Italian moment" anywhere in the world, but can otherwise be about anyone and anything.

Submission Criteria, submissions must 
• Be original photographic works.
• Be in high-resolution (300 ppi), digital format (jpeg, eps or tiff), a minimum of 10 cm (4 inches) on the shorter side, ideally not exceed 2 MB in total capacity.
• Have a title.
• Be identified only by their title, appearing in the filename.
• Not bear any signatures, stamps, watermarks, copyright marks, or any other identifying symbols.

Submissions can be in colour or black and white.

Entry Fee
$20.00 per submission, non-refundable.

February 1, 2021, 11:59 PM, Pacific Time (North America), UTC-8

Winners are chosen by blind judging. Four finalists make the shortlist, from which the judges choose the winner. The judges' names are announced with the winners.

Popular Vote
The popular vote winner is the submission from among the four finalists that receives the most votes by Accenti readers. 

Announcement of Results
Winners' names, bios and submissions will be posted on Accenti in May and reported in the Accenti Newsletter.

Top prize: $1000.00 (CDN) and publication in Accenti.
Three runner-up prizes: $100.00 (CDN) each and publication in Accenti.

How to Submit
Each submission must be accompanied by a duly completed entry form and the entry fee.


Artists & Photographers

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