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Chianciano Biennale 2024

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Event History

Established in 2009, the Biennale di Chianciano was conceived with the objective of establishing a hub for contemporary art beyond conventional frameworks. The Chianciano Art Museum is committed to providing a stage for exceptionally talented living artists, free from constraints or discriminatory elements. Selection for the Chianciano Biennale is solely based on the merits of artists' work, talent, and creativity. Throughout its history and in previous iterations, the Biennale has showcased thousands of artworks. Art enthusiasts, critics, and the wider public have

Image Usage Rights

The Chianciano Biennale is a celebration of art and our purpose is to promote art. Therefore, permission for the posting of artworks on social media and for press publication is automatically granted by an artist when an artwork is submitted. All artists that are subsequently approved for the Biennale also agree for their work to be published on our printed catalogue for the 2024 edition of the Chianciano Biennale.

Call for Entry - Chianciano Biennale 2024

Experience the Pinnacle of Contemporary Art at the 8th Chianciano Art Biennale


Situated in the picturesque landscape of Tuscany, the Chianciano Art Biennale, meticulously organized by experienced museum professionals, is poised to captivate audiences from Saturday, August 3rd, to Sunday, August 18th, 2024. With a rich history of over a decade of artistic excellence, the upcoming event signifies the 8th edition of this esteemed gathering, drawing participants and enthusiasts from around the globe to commemorate contemporary art.

A Visual Symphony Across Stunning Spaces


Engage with the enchanting realm of contemporary art while traversing through the thirteen meticulously curated galleries and the Art Museum, all overseen by the distinguished Gagliardi Gallery of London. The diverse array of international artworks woven into this rich tapestry promises to transport you to unprecedented realms of creativity and imagination.

Art Amidst the Tuscany Landscape

Perched on the hill of the Medieval Old Town, the galleries of the Chianciano Biennale provide a stunning vista of lush green and golden Tuscan landscapes. Walking through the historic town, you will find yourself entranced by the seamless integration of art and nature, creating a harmonious and captivating experience.

A Kaleidoscope of Artistic Expression


Featuring the creations of more than 150 artists, the Chianciano Biennale assures an unparalleled artistic adventure. The Clancianum Galleries and the Art Museum will showcase an array of masterpieces, while additional exhibitions, such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec at the Savoy Gallery and Giorgio Armani at the Chelsea Gallery, will illuminate the remaining walls. Explore the complete spectrum of exhibitions on our website.

A Legacy of Art Appreciation

Over the years, the Chianciano Biennale has welcomed thousands of eager visitors, including critics, art enthusiasts, and the general public. The 2018 edition, in particular, earned praise from The New York Times for its "impressive exhibition," leaving an indelible mark on all who attended.

Honouring Talent with Prestigious Awards

To honour the dynamic talent of contemporary artists, the Chianciano Biennale offers a range of awards, including a €2500 Euro prize for the best artwork, alongside other cash prizes and prestigious recognitions. Winning artists will also receive automatic approval for the esteemed London Art Biennale 2025, our sister exhibition.

Open to All Artists

At the Chianciano Biennale, we believe great art knows no boundaries. Our application process is open to all living artists, without discrimination or submission requirements. We invite you to submit the artwork that best represents you and your unique vision.

Curated Excellence

With over 45 years of experience on the King's Road in London, Gagliardi Gallery, the organising force behind the Chianciano Biennale, ensures a rigorous selection process that showcases exceptional artistry. The juxtaposition of contemporary art within the historic architecture of the medieval town creates a captivating visual contrast.

A Gateway to International Recognition

The Chianciano Biennale provides a platform like no other for artists to expand their careers on an international stage. Join our community of attendees, which includes critics, international artists, collectors, and a new, eager audience ready to embrace your art.

Submit Your Masterpiece

To participate in the Chianciano Biennale, visit the Artist Submission page on our website and embark on a journey of artistic discovery that knows no bounds.

Unleash your creativity and be part of the Chianciano Art Biennale – Where Contemporary Art Thrives

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