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1. , May 2024 Choonza Road offers a residency experience for nomadic creators in Ladakh, inspired by Hermann Hesse's reflections on identity. Organized by Choonza, the project aims to foster a community of nomadic solidarity and explore the potential of blockchain. Participants pay a stay fee and a creation deposit in STEEM POWER, supporting content creation on Steemit. The residency includes activities like cultural exchanges and exploration of Ladakh's landscapes. 2. - The Unknown, October 2023 Choonza Road in Paris is a creative endeavor inviting nomadic creators for a 10-day journey in Paris, focused on exploring the city and collaborating on projects. Envisioned and curated immersive exhibition experience, "The Unknown," showcasing a diverse collective of creators—writers, artists, photographers, filmmakers, and designers. Transformed conceptual ideas into tangible artistic expressions, fostering an environment of exploration and discovery.


'Choonza Road in Dolphin Hotel' is a unique project offering a month-long residency experience in Ulley, Ladakh, India. The project is part of Choonza Inside, which aims to create living and creative spaces for nomadic creators around the world. Participants will stay at the Dolphin Hotel, a space for solitude, where they can be completely alone and engage in activities like writing, painting, photography, and more. The project culminates in a joint exhibition of creative outcomes.

Ulley is a remote village known for its stunning landscapes and wildlife, including snow leopards. Participants will have the opportunity to acclimate to the altitude in Leh before moving to Dolphin Hotel. The project emphasizes respect for each other's solitude and provides necessary amenities such as meals, cleaning, and laundry.

Choonza Road is a collective experiment of nomadic creators, and participants are encouraged to share their experiences and creations on the blockchain-based platform Steemit. The project fee covers all expenses for the residency, including accommodation, food, and transportation within Ladakh.

To join Choonza Road in Dolphin Hotel, interested individuals can fill out an application form and pay the participation fee. The project organizers will guide participants through the next steps via email.


Artists & Photographers

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