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COLOR 2021: 4th Annual International Exhibition

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Call for Entries for Artists

COLOR 2021, is our 4th Annual International Exhibition. We seek pure and raw use of color. A splash of color, dabs of color, lines of colors, colored fabric, colored hair, color color color! Throw yourself fully into the world of color and unleash your creativity! This exhibition will highlight color in every way. The 4th Annual COLOR Exhibit is here this 2021!

Color theory is taught in art foundation training. Recall the color wheel, primary colors, and secondary colors, and how they can play off each other.? An entire generation of artists were influenced by abstract expressionism and created a movement called Color Field painting. While this no longer the 50s and 60s when great artists like Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaler, Mark Rothko, Joan Miro, and Clyfford Stil roamed the streets of New York and made their mark; we now have electronics, Post-It notes,  neon, LEDs, computers, videos, markers, and endless other new arrays of materials and tools to use. We want to see what you can imagine when you get colorful!

Juror: 3 Square Art Juror Members

For more information about this opportunity for artists, please visit the Event Website.


Artists & Photographers

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