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Welcome to ESC 2034, where artists envision the future at the intersection of technology, nature, and humanity. Since 2020, ESC has been a beacon for art that explores this dynamic interplay. This year, our theme 'A decade into the future' challenges creatives to project ten years ahead, continuing our legacy of delving into themes like the fusion of tech with nature and its impact on mental health and sustainability.

We seek to answer pivotal questions: How will sustainability efforts endure? Will AI be our ally or adversary? What state will nature be in, and how will technological advancements redefine our relationship with it? We encourage submissions across various mediums – speculative design, digital art, mixed media – to offer provocative insights into the future dynamics among nature, technology, and humanity.

Submissions open December 20 and close April 20. This year's highlight is a physical exhibition in the Netherlands, details forthcoming. Join us in forging a vision for the next decade, where art, technology, and nature converge to shape our shared destiny.


Artists & Photographers

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