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TMF ARTIST PRIZE International Call For Video Artists, Digital Artists & Photographers

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What Makes this event different?

TMF GALLERY offers up-and-coming digital artists prizes that will take them further. By participating, you'll showcase yourself and also be considered for future exhibitions and multimedia display shows. These times, there are hardly any opportunities to position as an emerging video artist and become discoverable for a broad audience. Video art is mostly not considered in art competitions. We are about to change that!

Copyright Policy

All works submitted to us and published through us are the property of the artist and the artist retains the sole copyright and all applicable rights to said images. For further information read Terms and Conditions on our website.

are open to all emerging



WIN AN EXHIBITION at Art International - Contemporary Art Fair, Zurich 2021

TMF GALLERY is a Swiss online gallery with international exhibition and display show venues. The gallery is newly founded and emerged from the need to provide an international presentation especially for digital artists. We offer emerging video artists, digital artists and photographers an online and also physical presentation of their art to enable national and international exposure.

For more information please visit the Event Website.

​We seek high quality video, digital art and photo art from artists with a fresh eye, who have surprising approaches and details in their work and a strong statement.

​We offer our winners marketing activities, multimedia display shows, online presentations, ongoing social media promotion mainly on Instagram, display shows at events as well as real press coverage and many backlinks.

Artists from any country and any professional and artistic background have the chance to become visible and gain an audience.  


​Open calls to all video artists, photographers and visual artists who are at least 18 years (by the time of entry). The 'TMF GALLERY Competition' is open by submitting up to 5 original works of art created within the past 3 years.


1-3 Works chf 30
4-5 Works chf 40



Artists & Photographers

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