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Free entry│Call for Exhibition

Photographers are invited to submit 1 up to 3 photos addressing the theme.

Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city. May 2023


"Mimesis", Greek word for "imitation", designates a human and animal behavior aimed at the manifestation of an aesthetic cohesion - figurative and/or behavioral - with another subject or with the environment from which, through linguistic codes, we grasp a certain degree of adhesion and participation.

Imitation and Mimicry recall instinctive behaviors that act as defense and survival mechanisms, but also respond to the desire to establish a connection and approach each other between living beings and the environment. Man, art and technology make this objective manifest, through the production of visual representations, and even through productions that recall the biological processes of the natural world, and social and psychic dynamics.

Photographers are called to present works corresponding to the concept of "Mimesis", in its representation, documentation and reflection.


Submissions » http://bit.ly/loosenartcalls

Deadline February, 7th 2023


Artists & Photographers

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