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Natural Landscape Photography Awards

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Event History

This is our inaugural year. The competition was set up in 2021 by four landscape photographers – Tim Parkin (the editor of OnLandscape Magazine), Matt Payne (the Host of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast), Rajesh Jyothiswaran (a photography enthusiast from Dallas, Texas), and Alex Nail (and award winning landscape photographer living in the United Kingdom) – to create a platform for photographers depicting the landscape in a natural way.

Copyright Policy

The photographer retains full copyright of each entry to the contest. The Natural Landscape Photography Awards assume no rights with respect to entered photographs with the exception of those listed on our Terms & Conditions Page.

Image Usage Rights

We assume no rights with respect to entered photographs with the exception of the below usage rights. All entrants understand that any image submitted to the competition may be used by the Awards for marketing and promotional purposes for the competition as well for our book(s). You hereby grant The Awards a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, perpetual license for each entry throughout the world in all media for any use in connection with the Competition, including, but not limited to: 1. Judging the competition. 2. Displaying at public exhibitions showing the Natural Landscape Photography Awards in perpetuity. 3. Inclusion within our website and or Awards catalog in perpetuity. 4. Inclusion in a fine-art book or e-book to be published by the competition. 5. Inclusion within any materials promoting of the Competition and / or any exhibition organized by The Awards in the promotion of the competition.

This competition aims to represent landscape photographers who recognize the power that comes from truthful depiction of the natural world, whether shooting on film or digitally. While other competitions may grant the ability to complete freedom in digital manipulation, this competition is for photographers who choose to work within the more common bounds of the medium, while still expressing themselves creatively. It addresses the idea that the unique quality photography has over other artistic mediums is its grounding in reality. The competition signifies the skill of these photographers in revealing the wonder of the natural landscape.

One of the most powerful aspects of a great landscape photograph is its ability to transport the viewer to relive a moment in time, distant location, or smaller scene, through the eyes of the photographer. This helps the viewer to engage with the subject matter, understand the relationships the photographer wanted to express, and enable photographs to support the case for conservation.

By constraining our photographs to represent the natural world in a truthful manner, we create trust in our artform’s unique position to pair real experiences with artistic creation. This does not preclude the use of editing tools such as Photoshop which, when used sensitively, can enhance the viewer’s experience without misleading them. We are also looking forward to seeing work that has been produced on film!

Our competition was made to find the very best landscape photography of the natural world. This is a competition for digital and film photographers who value realism in their images and edit with this in mind. As a result we have a few more rules than other competitions but we hope the result will be a fantastic showcase of not only photographer’s talents, but also the true wonder of the landscape.

We have a range of categories to suit the huge variety of modern approaches to landscape photography from grand scenics, to intimate abstracts. There is a top prize of US $5,000 and many other prizes for category winners and runners-up.

We know this isn’t a perfect proposition, after all there are no limits to art nor should there be, but we thought we would try to create a place for those photographers who prefer to work in a way that retains a strong link to the subject matter. In doing so, we’ve added quite a few rules that most competitions don’t have. The majority of these are related to excluding material changes to the subject of the photograph – e.g. excessive cloning and/or warping etc. 

We’re not here to say “that isn’t photography” but simply to create an alternative to competitions that include work which allows significant editing of the landscape. We hope that this will result in a collection of awarded images that we love, and you will love too.


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