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New Horizons: Landscapes 24, 7th Annual Exhibition

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Call for Entries for Landscape Artists

For generations, artists have immortalized the beauty of landscapes, but what shifts mark our contemporary connection to nature? Witnessing transformative changes in our surroundings, we question: Can landscapes transcend mere replication, embracing color, light, design, and texture to convey a deeper essence?

In the spirit of past art movements, such as impressionism and cubism, that revolutionized landscape perception, what fresh interpretations define today? We invite both grand and intimate expressions—bold strokes, innovative perspectives, rich dialogues, vibrant palettes, or monochromatic studies. What lies on the horizon for new landscape art?

Juried by 3 Square Art Gallery, this call welcomes entries in varied formats. Take the opportunity to present your vision and stand a chance to win a share of $700 in cash awards. 

For more information about this call for entries for landscape artists, please visit the Event Website.


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