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RES NULLIUS - Second phase / Residency at the Border

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RES NULLIUS - Second phase / Residency at the Border

A project by Collettivo Superazione
Collettivo Superazione is launching the second phase of the Res Nullius residency project to promote, this time, the meeting between audience and artists in particular housing situations.
In an era where the housing situation has become uncertain, the true intimacy, our only real home, is us, our bodies, our experiences, our past and the project aims at creating a relationship between the intimacies of artists and audience, that become “res nullius”, and at realizing an artistic action in a space on the margins of society.
This year the artists will be hosted in a migrant reception center and in a squatted house and will have to interact with their guests and the environment in which they operate. Their stay must end with a performance. The aim of the project is to investigate the relationship between the inhabitants of the houses, the environment, the public and artists through a series of progressive actions that they will accomplish during their stay. Artists and inhabitants should try to create a dialogue aimed at the realization of the final performance.
The costs for the trip and the materials needed for the performance shall be borne by the artist.
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