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STOFFA SU STOFFA (Quando il tessuto diventa arte)

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In common italian language there are expressions called "idiomatic" which, referring to objects whose visual, olfactory or auditory perception is had, give life to phrases that in "popular jargon" become precisely "ways of saying". If we think of the expression "having cloth" outlines a person's talent but at the same time it is a clear reference to the fabric.

"Stoffa su stoffa" is therefore a play on words that on the one hand pays homage to some Italian cities that have a strong textile tradition, and on the other wants to enhance the talent of the artists who will be invited to exhibit works and / or site specific projects of contemporary art that present or represent the textile world in its most varied forms.

The cities that will host the initiative are: Vicenza, Prato and Milan, cities that since the 13th century have maintained one of the most important examples of textile manufacturing.

"Stoffa su stoffa" wants to be a big itinerant group show where artists already accredited by official critics and emerging will be able to present their works to the public and enhance the textile tradition of the cities that will host the reviews through art works as painting, sculpture, photography, installations site specific and performance.

The interested artists must submit to the scientific committee only projects or works that have least one element of a textile nature or possibly from recycling production processes, with the exception of photographic works which may also present only images representative of the world of weaving.

The organizers reserve the right to assign a free residence for the artist who distinguished himself most with a site-specific project during the exhibition in the city of Prato. The details will be defined in agreement with the winner.


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