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The Absurd

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Call for Entries for Visual Artists

Open to all media excluding 3D and live performance art.

What does the Absurd bring to your mind? While the word is often used to refer to a kind of ironic situation, The Absurd also has a rich philosophical tradition most closely associated with the writings of Albert Camus. 

What should we do with the question of life’s meaning? Especially, now, in the face of its persistent unanswerability? Camus says that “one must imagine Sisyphus happy,” but this is no simple task.

In modern times, it seems we can find countless echoes of the loop Sisyphus is stuck in, from the eternal scroll of social media to the endless stream of new variants and vaccines; how do you access the repetitions of our lives where meaning escapes our grasp, and The Absurd is all that remains?

About the Juror: Ben Creech is a teacher, historian, theorist, and multi-disciplinary artist, with an MA in Humanities from the University of Chicago and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


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