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The Art of Still Life 3rd Bi-Annual International Exhibition

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Call to Artists

The Art of Still Life 3rd Bi-Annual International Exhibition is scheduled for this January 2022 at the 3 Square Art Gallery!

Artists have been interested in depicting innate objects to convey familiar surroundings, religious themes, educational programs, and benchmark the skill of the artist. Common objects that have been portrayed by Still Life Artists of the past include everyday objects such as food items, wine glasses, fruit, flowers, coins, and dinnerware.

In our object and materially rich society, there are many items for use by the artist for a Still Life. What items will you use and how will you arrange them? What is your take on the Still Life?

Juried by 3SA Jury Members

For more information about this juried exhibition art competition please visit the Event Website.


Artists & Photographers

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