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The Uncanny

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When the familiar is no longer familiar, we call it uncanny. By that what is meant is that when something nearly satisfies our brain’s search for human likeness, but falls short by a small margin, we experience a characteristic sense of unease at the sight of it.

This is our understanding of realistic androids and almost-perfect-but-not-quite CGI that creates discomfort and makes our skin crawl. It stems from Freudian theory surrounding the German word “unheimlich.” Freud tells us that the unheimlich, or unhomely, is our experience when confronted with something that is like home to us, but is made wrong somehow.

How are you incorporating the unheimlich, or uncanny, into your artwork? Does your work illicit a visceral reaction from the viewer, or traverse the boundary between perfect and imperfect human likeness? We want to see your most uncomfortably human and impalpably imperfect images.

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