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Call for entries for photographers

All human activities even the most mundane leave evidence of their existence. Shopping lists, old letters, traces of writing on a long-since erased chalk board, a once-loved stuffed animal forgotten on a swing set, fragments of an old wedding dress, and more all speak of the passage of time. Larger human activities leave traces as well like boarded-up storefronts, crumbling infrastructure and repurposed structures. No matter the scale, there is a nostalgic hint of an irretrievable past and, ultimately, of our mortality.

For this exhibit, we are looking for photographic images that hint of humans come and gone by the evidence left behind.

Jeff Curto will jury and curate this exhibition. He will be selecting approximately 35 images for exhibition in the gallery, and 40 for our Online Gallery. All 75 selected images will be reproduced in the exhibition print catalog and remain permanently on our website, with links to photographer’s URL. 

This opportunity is open to all photographers.

Featured image courtesy of: David Burnett

For more information regarding this opportunity for photographers please visit the Event Website.


Artists & Photographers

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