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Call to photographers. Abstract art is art that makes no attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality, but instead use shapes, colors, forms to create the composition.

Juried exhibitions
Days Left 1
New York United States
Juried exhibitions
Days Left 2
Vermont United States

Quiet Landscape

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Call to photographers for all genres of landscape: natural, industrial, urban, abstract.
Show us how you see the world. Embrace the minimal. All capture and processing methods are welcome.

Taking Pictures: 2021

Call for entries for photographers for a juried group photo show with an open theme at Black Box Gallery.

Juried exhibitions
Days Left 5
Portland United States

Win an online Solo Exhibition in April 2021

Call for entries for photographers. Win an online juried solo exhibition for the entire month of April 2021. Trevor Cole is the curator for the show.

Juried exhibitions
Days Left 10
United States


Call for entry for the theme of: Letters, Numbers & Symbols | Dallas Crow
What’s printed, written, scrawled, posted, illegible. Letters, words, glyphs, equations, signatures, graffiti, advertising, envelopes, etc.

Juried exhibitions
Days Left 25
Minneapolis United States
Juried exhibitions
Days Left 30
Vermont United States


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Well-composed photographs possess essential elements: an interesting way of interpreting or seeing the subject, craftsmanship that enhances the work, strong organization of the elements within the frame, and a spark of life..


Juried exhibitions Is this your listing?
Days Left 86
Irvine United States


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