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    Juried Exhibitions
    Jun 2020
Juried exhibitions
Days Left 22
NY United States


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Call for entries for photographers. The quality of light is a basic element of photography. An iconic image of Grand Central Station shows streams of sunlight filling the airspace reflecting off dust particles in the air.

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Photographers working at all levels are invited to submit images reflecting the theme "vistas" to A Smith Gallery by June 29th, 2020. S Gayle Stevens, antiquarian process photographer and instructor, is the juror.

Juried exhibitions
Days Left 28
Texas United States
Juried exhibitions
Days Left 28
Vermont United States


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Call for entries for photographers: Landscape! Photoplace seeks wide open spaces, urban environments, contemporary, traditional, minimalist, with or without people. Show us how you see the world, we'd like a taste of it!


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Days Left 60
Scottsdale United States

How Far Have We Come?

Call for entries for photographers. Help us celebrate 100 years of women voters with a juried photograph exhibition! Photographers are asked to examine the progress, for women and others who have been disenfranchised...

Juried exhibitions
Days Left 61
Michigan United States
Juried exhibitions Is this your listing?
Days Left 61
Arizona United States


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